Ukrainian sold a newborn baby to foreigners for 100 euros

A resident of Transcarpathia got rid of his own child, evaluating the newborn baby in 100 euros.

Ukrainian border guards at one of the checkpoints stopped a car in which rode a couple from Germany. In addition to the adults in the vehicle were two young children and a newborn baby. The family was returning home to Germany, reports “Диалог.UA”.

The guards at first nothing was wrong is not suspected, because all of the documents, the couple was right: the man at itself had a certificate of birth of a baby, where was listed as the father of the child and the permission of taking a baby abroad.

He said that he came to Ukraine to marry a local girl, and the relationship did not work out. Their joint child, he decided to educate himself, and therefore takes him to his home.

Customs officers decided to check the truthfulness of the words of men. As it turned out, he never came to our country, and the mother, in turn, has never been abroad.

The border guards said that the baby illegally taken out of Ukraine. On this basis, the law enforcement authorities opened criminal proceedings on the fact of trafficking. The sanction of article provides for lines of up to 15 years in prison.

During the trial, “a German” was a Russian by nationality. Through the Internet he met with a resident of the Dnieper, which told me that his friend wants to buy a child. The Ukrainian agreed to help. She remembered her friend from Transcarpathia. The woman was previously convicted. To keep the baby, which at the time of the beginning of the Scam was pregnant, she has not really wanted, because easily agreed to participate in the evil plans of a resident of the Dnieper. According to the plan, the man acknowledges himself the father of the baby, and a grief-mother gives him all permissions on education and export of the newborn baby. As the woman was married, to give birth, she had forged documents, the manufacture of which a couple from Germany sent her 100 euros.After the successful birth a woman gave free child new parents.

During the ship’s meeting, none of the accused pleaded not guilty. Moreover, they were assured that there is nothing wrong in the fact that a newborn child can be withdrawn abroad, so he was raised by foreign parents who can’t have children.

But the court, these arguments did not take into account. The instigator of the Scam, deprovence, was given 6 years in prison. German biological fatherhood, which was not confirmed, can serve the same term, and the mountain-mother was sentenced to five years in prison.

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