Kolomoisky told how led 110 billion of “PrivatBank”

The oligarch named person, under whose leadership took place the debt restructuring.

Igor Kolomoisky has assured journalists that
110 billion hryvnia from the “Privat” is not derived using
company-pads. On the contrary, was left there as part of the restructuring
debt. A former shareholder has given a review of the program “Schemes” on the site
TSN reports “Диалог.UA”.

According to Kolomoisky, the investigation of “Schemes” don’t
okay, where did 110 billion of loans.

“So the money from the Bank, not left. Within
the restructuring of the loan portfolio issued to companies that have repaid
loans to previous borrowers. That is, the money remained in the Bank”, – assured
the oligarch.

Kolomoysky also noted that at the stage of nationalization
control over the process of debt restructuring carried out chamillionare
Kateryna Rozhkova.

Earlier in GPU announced suspected Kolomoisky in vyacheslavadoru non-performing loans.

Oligarchial responded to the accusations of the head of the national Bank in withdrawing money from