Anton Gerashchenko has announced a high-profile litigation process in the river. Responsible want to attract traffickers

Three citizens of Ukraine, together with an accomplice from Moldova sent compatriots as drug couriers to work in Russia. Today they first appeared before the court.

The fault of the defendants thousands of young people went to a foreign country and
violated the law, spreading a dangerous potion; they delayed Russian
police and get in jail, reports “Dialog. UA”.

Gerashchenko asked the local and national media
to follow the trial to the traffickers, destroyed thousands of human
destinies, could not escape responsibility. The process with trepidation following
the relatives of the deceived youths, they hope for a fair decision
Babushkinskiy court in which the case is heard. Currently in Russia
is more than 2,000 citizens of Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported
the detention of criminal authority in Mariupol, motorists in jail for drugs.

We will add that in Luhansk girls were transported to Rossouw sexual slavery.