The media learned about US plans to expand military presence in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON, may 9 — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlatarev. The United States may in the coming weeks to strengthen its military role in Afghanistan, said on Monday the Washington Post, citing representatives of the us administration.

“Most senior foreign policy advisers to the President of Donald trump has proposed a major change of strategy in Afghanistan, which will enable US to effectively return to the process of prosecution of the movement “Taliban”, — stated in the message.

It States that “the new plan is still subject to approval by the trump, the expansion of the military role of the US in the larger effort to make the increasingly confident Taliban back to the negotiating table”.

As said one of the officials, the new strategy is the result of the analysis of the situation, which was based on the desire trump to change the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

The article notes that in the end to approve the strategy has the Pentagon, not the White house. It is emphasized that this document will be determined by the number of us troops in Afghanistan, he implies extension of authority to conduct the bombing of the Taliban. “It also cancels set when (former US President Barak) Obama restrictions on the mobility of U.S. military advisers on the battlefield,” — said in the message.

According to the newspaper, this should lead to revision of steps Obama aimed at restricting the military role of the US in Afghanistan. It is emphasized that “trump is expected to make a decision before the NATO summit on may 25.”

“As officials said, it is unclear whether the support of trump, there is still little talk about the longest war the United States, expanding the American military role in Afghanistan,” the newspaper writes.