Our wheat, corn, and tomatoes – competitors in the EU: Poland opposes exemptions on the import of Ukrainian products to Europe

EU countries have different opinions on the subject of the opening of the European market agriculture products from Ukraine and the reduction of duty in case of industrial goods, according to “Диалог.UA” referring to the Polish media.

Showed that negotiations of Ministers responsible for trade, which took place on 11 may in Brussels. The discussion focused on the European Commission’s proposals to impose additional trade benefits for Ukraine as a complement to the free trade agreement, which was approved last year.
Poland, though, declares political support to Kiev, in discussions about the economy takes a cautious stance.
According to the Vice-Minister of development of Tadeusz Chastinskogo, in opening the EU market to Ukrainian products Warsaw cautions that will protect the interests of Polish producers.
“We’re neighbors. If you open the import, although it is virtually about the very low percentage of imports to the entire European Union – but because we are neighbors, there is a danger that imports will fall to Poland” – said the official.
Warsaw wants an exception from the trade concessions of wheat, corn, and tomato products.
Representatives of the governments of EU countries should return to those negotiations in late may and when it has reached a compromise position, – start negotiations with the European Parliament. From these conversations will depend on the size of trade preferences for Ukraine.
We will remind, today “Диалог.UA” reported that the guarantor of Ukraine Poroshenko said emotionally on the approval of a visa-free regime for Ukraine.
A journalist from Ukraine believes that in this way Europe stated that Ukraine is independent from Russia country.