Lingard: Pogba will score more

The most expensive player in the history of world football in 29 games for Manchester United this season, scored only four times. For such a low performance combined with high transfer value Pogba has been criticized by fans and the media.

However, in the scoring talent of the Frenchman still believes his team-mate Jesse Lingard.

“For the Field this is the first year after returning to the Premier League, and he needed time to adapt to the championship,” said Jesse.

“Besides, this season Pogba often unlucky. We all know that he is a world – class player. He does a lot for the team. I am sure that next season he will continue to play in the same spirit, and can turn all the failures in goals scored”.

“He’s a very powerful player and when he is with the ball in midfield, nobody can get close to him. He also constantly gives a split transfer, after which we should score more often,” said Lingard.

In this season of APL in addition to the 4 goals on account Pogba 3 assists.