Charlie Hebdo made fun of the age difference, the new President of France and his wife

The next issue of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo came out with a caricature of the newly elected President of France. The figure shows the 40-year-old Emmanuel macron and his 64-year-old wife Bridget.

Bridget macron depicted pregnant, but between the characters in the cartoons the inscription, “He will work wonders!”.

This is the second marriage of Macron. For Bridget, he married in 2007, to adopt two daughters and a son from his first marriage.

Bridget macron taught to the newly elected President of the French language.

We will remind, presidential elections in France were held last Sunday.Makron defeated the representative of the ultra-right Marie Le Pen, gaining 66% of votes.

The magazine Charlie Hebdo is known for a sharp cartoons. In January 2015 the editors made an attempt ISIL terrorists. Killing 12 people.