To avenge my grandfather! Russian hockey players staged a mass brawl with the Germans directly on ice. Published video

Today, may 8, on the eve of the Victory Day in Cologne in the framework of the world championship on hockey at the ice arena met the teams of Russia and Germany. The game was not only scored a lot of goals, but the audience witnessed a mass brawl.

The incident occurred on the 14th minute of the first period when a player of team Germany Hager made a rough power reception against Mozyakin, captain of team Russia. Mozyakin strongly planted on the ground, he collapsed on the ice and more to rise could not any more, according to “Диалог.UA”.

Of course players of Russian national team could not leave this fact without attention and decided to take revenge on the Germans for everything, and remembering the approaching may 9 holiday. At Hager jumped Plotnikov, who had sent the Germans on to the ice and began to beat. The judge with great difficulty dragged the Russians from the player of the German national team.