The police commented on the message on a mining of the Freedom square in Kharkov

The guards conducted a survey of 12 hectares, and adjacent areas. The signal was about – explosive devices were found.

law enforcement officers investigated the Freedom square and the surrounding area, not finding
no explosive devices, reports “Dialog. UA”, citing
press service of the city police.

examined 12 hectares and surrounding areas, evacuated more than four hundred people.

the validation result of any explosive devices or dangerous substances are
found”, – told the police.

law enforcement officers carry out investigative measures to establish
the identity of the person who reported about mining of the area.

today, may 9, at about 12:00 in a call center of Shevchenkovsky police Department
Kharkov unknown said that at Freedom square the explosive

Post this
the nearest underground station was immediately closed.

As previously
it was reported that the interior Ministry of Ukraine reported that on 9 may throughout the territory of Ukraine was detained 45 participants of the festive