Spain car rammed a group of cyclists, two killed

013300 © AP Photo / Emilio Morenattiambulance in Spain. Archival photo Models.

According to the publication, the incident occurred on the 205th kilometer of the highway N-332 between the villages of Oliva and Denia. The woman driver of the car crashed into a group of six cyclists, which led to the deaths of two of them. Another athlete is in critical condition, two others were seriously injured.

Reportedly, one of the victims in critical condition was taken by helicopter ambulance to a hospital in Valencia, the other two were sent to the nearest clinic.

According to the results of the analyses in blood, 28-year-old woman who drove the car, found traces of alcohol and drugs. According to sources of the newspaper, earlier she had a criminal record.

According to the Agency EFE, the alleged culprit of the accident was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.