The hand of the Kremlin are obvious: in files after hacking the correspondence of Macron discovered the tags in Russian

The Middle East expert Michael Horowitz on his Twitter page, commenting on the leak data and documents after a hacker attack on the campaign headquarters of the candidate in presidents of France Emmanuel Makron, pointed out very interesting details.

He stated that some files that
leaked after hacking are tagged in Russian language, laying out one of
supporting screens, reports “Dialog. UA”.

At the same time representatives of the Headquarters of Macron, said: Oh,
published files they have anxiety do not cause
because among them, published quite a large number of fake.

Earlier, the head of the presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton said
chtok hacking documents involved in those who are beneficial to the Kremlin’s puppet
Le Pen, have a low rating, won the election presidentfranklin.

Also add chromatron brilliantly won the debate
leaving behind Le Pen, speech in the debate which did not contain
no specifics and meaning.