The conflict in Kiev: 48-year-old man pulled out a gun and opened fire on the guards, there is a victim

The conflict occurred because of a bottle, which at the cash register smashed the attacker. The guard asked a man to ascertain the circumstances of the premises, after which there occurred a shooting.

As written by the head of the Department of communication strikeitluckycasino
Blischik, the incident occurred at 1 5 hours ago on the area of Sports in the supermarket,
reports “Dialog. UA”.

“The victim with a wound to the abdomen was taken to the hospital,” – said
in the message Blischik in Facebook.

Information about the shooting in a supermarket, police received at 15:30. In place
The incident left investigatory-operative group of the caves and the Main offices

As reported by Oksana Blischik, first buyer from the shelf took a bottle of drink
and headed to the checkout. When he approached her, then dropped the bottle, which

In the office the man who brought security, grabbed a
weapons and took a few shots.

Blischik said that one of the guards was wounded in the stomach.

It has been established that the gunshots – from Kiev in 1969.
The criminal is detained, weapons seized from him.

The condition of the wounded guard specified.

As previously reported, in Kiev one of supermarketurile stabbing, which injured 3 people.

It was also reported that, under the Kiev psychopaths wounded fighters of the national guard in jivota a fair point.