The commander of NATO forces in Europe: “We must be ready for war with Russia and to repel her aggression!”

General demanded to host more U.S. troops on the border with Russia, to be able to react to any move of Moscow “collector of land”.

General Curtis Scaparotti, commander of the armed forces of NATO in Europe,
believes that a diplomatic way, of course, always preferable, but
Europe must be ready for war with Russia, reports “Dialog UA”
link to Daily Star.

General demanded to host more U.S. troops on the border with the Russian
Federation in order at any time to respond to every move of Vladimir Putin.

As noted
edition, the tensions between Russia and the West increased after chemical
the attacks of the troops of Moscow’s ally Bashar al-Assad for control of the territory
the province of Idlib. Then the US struck a military base of government forces
Syria, made it clear to the Kremlin: here the concessions Washington did not make as if
Obama will not allow with impunity to destroy beyond the control of the Assad towns

continue to increase fears that Moscow could Annex new
the territory after the armed seizure of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, noted
in the article.

The United armed forces of NATO in Europe Curtis Scaparrotti shared their
fears in conversation with a Subcommittee of the U.S. Senate, warning that they should
to be ready to fight with the Russian army.

Scaparotti also stressed that the United States needs armored vehicles and military
confront any actions of Russia.

According to the General,
military concept of the Russian Federation is not based on light troops without tracked armored vehicles,
and armored forces.

or six years ago we didn’t worry about being ready to fight
today. Now the situation has changed,” said Scaparrotti.

At the same
senior military representative of the United States said that diplomacy for
USA always has the preference.

Russia is working on modernizing their armed forces, and “the most polite”
the President has announced plans to build new military aircraft and the largest
in the world of the nuclear submarine “Akula”.

As previously wrote”Диалог.UA” Russia completely ignores the decision of the Council of Europe on human rights violations in Crimea and to carry it at all not going.