Grieve, lay flowers: Avakov “allowed” to Ukrainians to celebrate may 9

MOSCOW, may 6 — RIA Novosti. Ukrainians can celebrate the Ninth of may and attend the procession and promotions, such as “Immortal regiment”, but the police will not allow anti-Ukrainian statements and symbols for commemorative events, said the head of the Ukrainian interior Ministry Arsen Avakov.

“In all the demonstrations and marches that are scheduled in the day — units of the National police and the national guard will not tolerate any anti-Ukrainian symbols, neither anti-Ukrainian statements!” — wrote the Minister in Facebook, promising that all attempts on the part of “thirsty provocation forces” will be stopped.

According to Avakov, the “Immortal regiment” used to have “inner conflicts in the Ukrainian society.”

“Celebrate, grieve, lay flowers and give honor is the right of every citizen of Ukraine. But to create the preconditions for internal destabilization through provocative characters and actions of the Ministry of interior will not allow,” — said Avakov.

Earlier, the Ukrainian nationalists said they were going to spend the Ninth of may the action called “Death regiment”. The SBU has promised to take measures to prevent provocations and noted that the reason for the ban of “Immortal regiment” no.