Kharatin and Forster is ready to play against Shakhtar Donetsk in Kharkov, Checher — no

Dawn on his official page in Vkontakte announced losses and replenishment on the eve of the match with Shakhtar . So missed the game injured Checher and ljubenovic and disqualified Gordienko. While Kalitvintsev, Forster, Kharatin and Shevchenko in the General group and will play against Shakhtar Donetsk in the decisive match.

“Go to Kharkov! Ahead of 400 kilometers. Stay in Zaporozhye, Zeljko ljubenovic and Vyacheslav Checher. These players have not yet recovered. Will not go to Kharkov and on loan from Shakhtar players. An Artem Gordienko got a red card in the last match against Marseille. But Vladyslav kalytvyntsev, Alexei Shevchenko, Raphael Forster and Igor Kharatin — in the General group. Definitely meeting tomorrow, we will be extremely difficult,” reads a statement in the official group of the morning.

Recall that the match Shakhtar vs Zorya will be held at OSC Metalist in Kharkiv on may 6. Kick — off at 17.00.