Buy 10 cans and get a dog: social networks in shock from the fact that shpake fighter APU discovered teeth

Sergei turowicz, a veteran of the ATO on his page in the social network published a photo of the dry soldering fighter APU “Breakfast of the tourist”. In the middle of the banks were the teeth of an unknown animal.

Turowicz turned to the volunteer Olga Reshetilova to understand the situation. It is known that rations are produced in the town of Uzyn Kiev region, reports “Диалог.UA”.

We know that the “Breakfast tourist” is usually issued to soldiers of the APU in the afternoon. It includes beef stew, two bags of biscuits, a packet of tea and sugar, as well as dry and wet wipes.

Netizens were shocked by the presence of teeth in the dry diet.

Earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that in the area of the ATO today, on may 3,killing soldier APU, and the theme of anti-terrorist operation will be shown in the plot of “Eurovision – 2017”.