And from there we gradually knock out the terrorists “DNR” near the Water ran into a tough “otvetku” Ukrainian Marines – posted videos

Water in close proximity to Ukrainian Marines, notably “poured” Pro-Russian occupiers and powerfully answered their armed provocation.

Occupants almost daily beat of heavy artillery and
all existing types of small arms, a special activity they again
showed last night, reports “Dialog. UA”.

“Arrives everywhere in the village, the positions,
in the vicinity of the village — sleep at all. Of all the types
weapons,” says the defender of Ukraine Denis and adds that the APU to the provocation given
decent response and a terrorist attack was brilliantly reflected.

The soldiers say that on this front the orcs are increasingly
they began to use heavy artillery.

The fighters, the stories of our military, began to work on
the ATO forces from distant plantings, because their “half-backs” do not give efficiency.