“This is the only case when the Mat leave position in the Donbass”, – the fighter ATO harshly warned of terrorists “DNR/LNR”

The ATO forces soldiers are not going to leave the Donbass, and their positions will leave only if the Ukrainian army will move forward, freeing from the occupation of the occupied territories.

The fighter of anti-terrorist operation Andrey says that the invaders won’t be able to intimidate the APU and they will not be able to undermine the power of the spirit and power of the Ukrainian defenders, reports “Dialog. UA”.

“We’ll go forward. To liberate Ukraine from the invasion of the “Russian world”,”
– quotes the words of patriot headquarters of the ATO in Facebook.

Andrew became a war consciously, having the opportunity to fly in 2015 in Poland, the warrior decided not to leave their country in difficult times.

The military said that for him this act would be a real betrayal, especially to himself.

It is noted that next to Andrew serve a lot of those already
in the second round came in the area of ATO.

“And their choice is conscious. This means that Ukraine has a strong shield”
– said at the headquarters.

Earlier in the “Georgian Legion” stressed that the forces and means of the army of Ukraine today in order to liberate the occupied Donbass from Pro-Russian militants in the short term.

Additionally, the soldiers of the volunteer from Georgia said, ctabout to stay in the Donbass and help Ukraine as much as needed.