The U.S. Congress has approved the budget for 2017: the document provides 560 million dollars in aid for Ukraine

The Congress of the United States of America after long consultations decided by a majority of voters approve a new state budget in the amount of 1.1 trillion dollars. Of this amount, 560$ million will go to help Ukraine.

About it reports “UKRINFORM”.

The bill was supported by 79
senators, 18 opposed. The house of representatives has managed to maintain
the new state budget, now it’s trump.

The President of trump needs
to sign a document very quickly, to avoid financial “shutdown”.

The new budget States increased
defense spending 15 billion dollars. Also allocated an additional $1,5
billion to strengthen the border with Mexico.

Not less than 560,465 million U.S. dollars
will be allocated to Ukraine for financing reform and the security sector.