“Put things in order in the Donbas is free of all evil! Ukraine will always be indivisible! And all who disagree let go to Magadan and live in Russia”, – the battalion commander from the zone ATO (video)

The battalion commander says the armed forces now have everything you need to fight with the Russian scum. The military understands that the order of the protracted war has tired a lot, but the supporters of the “Russian world” must understand that Ukraine is United, indivisible, and Mat came out of Donbass those who think differently.

The battalion commander named Yuri in the ATO came back in 2014 as a volunteer, was first
gunner, the commander of the BMP, reports “Dialog. UA”.

The first battle took ryanagoncillo airport
there came the understanding that it is a real war.

If you take just the beginning of the armed conflict, now
in comparison the APU has all the right tools to fight with
Russian occupants.

“Of course, it is already tired, as if this war to end
“there” the same — old and young, all in a row. When they realize that we
came to expel them?” — asks the fighter. — To live in the world, and how
Ukraine was indivisible, so it will be”.

“And if someone does not like them leave to Magadan and
I live in Russia, and leave Ukraine to us, and we are going to restore order without
Russians and other vermin,” said the defender of Ukraine, and stresses that if
would Russia in the events in Donbas had not intervened, it would be no separatists and the like
in the East of Ukraine was not.