Montella: she Sighed with relief and fell…

Since the sale of Milan to the Chinese consortium, the Devils are unable to win a single victory. And if the draw with inter, torn in the injury time, you can record in the asset team, then a similar result with Crotone and especially the defeat against Empoli do not paint the future Challenger for supremacy in Serie A.

“It’s hard for me to name all the causes of the decline, but one I know for sure, — told in an interview with Corriere dello Sport the coach of Milan, Montella Vincenzo. — During the season all subconsciously tried to make the team made an impression on potential buyers and the transaction took place, therefore, laid out in full. Now that everything was settled, the moment of some relaxation and team rained… This is a natural situation, and I hope that this situation will not last long”.

At the moment Milan is in 6th place in the standings, which gives the right to a place in the Europa League, ahead of inter by 3 points behind Atalanta for 5. In the remaining four rounds of the championship Milan will play against Roma, Atalanta, Bologna and Cagliari.