Brigitte Bardot called on everyone who loves animals to vote against the Macron

Election of the President of France (821) 17:4102.05.2017 (updated: 17:45 02.05.2017) 22745361 © AP Photo / Jacques BrinonBrigitte Bardot. Archival photo
— BRIGITTE BARDOT (@brigitte_bardot) may 2, 2017.

“The Makron will take place — the animals will die”, is the title of an open letter signed by Bardo posted in the official account of the actress on micro-blogging network Twitter.

Bardo, lately more known as a defender of animals, believes that “the program of the Macron in the case of animals, murderous, scandalous, leads to despair and gives no hope for improvement in any areas.”

“The contempt he shows the suffering of animals is a complete lack of empathy, as evidenced by the coldness of his steel glance,” writes Bardot.

Movie star notes that “while the scandals are multiplying, he (macron — ed.) took the side of the ranchers and hunters against associations for the defence of animals that struggle before you face the lobby, which seems to have all the power over the candidate”.

Letter ends Bardo appeal to everyone, “who loves and respects animals”, not to vote for the Macron.

Sunday, April 23, France passed the first round of presidential elections. For the post of the head of state claimed 11 candidates. According to final interior Ministry figures, in the first round the leader of the movement “Forward”, the former Minister of the economy Emmanuel macron scored 24,01% of the votes, the candidate from the party “national Front” marine Le Pen is 21.3%. They came out in the second round, which will take place on 7 may.

According to the polling company OpinionWay published on Tuesday, the Makron in the second round win over Le Pen with a score of 60% of the vote against 40%.

The elections of the President of France sure here >> to go to the Bank the results of the first round of the presidential elections in France