The Parliament of St. Petersburg will consider the question of the referendum on 17 may Isaac

Saint-Petersburg. May 2. INTERFAX – Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg will make the issue about a referendum on the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral Church in the meeting agenda may 17, reported “Interfax” the press service of the chamber on Tuesday.

Informed the legal Department of the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg gave a negative opinion on the referendum about Isaakii. In conclusion, it is noted that from the question it is not possible to establish what the state museums in question, and the wording “with the possibility of conducting religious rites and ceremonies” are not enshrined in the current legislation, which creates uncertainty.

Nevertheless, it was decided to submit to the plenary session of the legislative Assembly.

As follows from the draft resolution, at the disposal of “Interfax”, the Parliament is ready to recognize the referendum question on the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral the Church does not meet the requirements of legislation that will make it conduct impossible. Representatives of the parliamentary opposition have already announced their intention to appeal the decision in court.