The evidence is obvious: under Volnovaha Ukrainian forces shot down drone made in Russia, which “Donbass”, footage posted

Employees of the security Service of Ukraine published the photo shot down by the ATO of the UAV “Orlan” produced in Russia.

In the Donetsk region near the settlement Volnovaha in the Armed forces of Ukraine shot down an unmanned flying machine, produced in Russia, according to Dialog.UA with reference to the official website of the SBU.

The report said that the forces ATO was shot down Russian UAV type “Orlan”. Russian production of the aircraft was identified by law enforcement authorities.

In addition, the SBU was discovered grenades, produced in Russia in 1993.

All these facts once again confirm the presence of Russian regular troops in the zone of armed conflict in the Donbass. At the same Primerose stubbornly refuses to call himself a party to conflictana the East of Ukraine.