In Thailand, the driver of the truck was a race with the police because of a quarrel with his wife

02200 © AP Photo / Apichart WeerawongThai Police. Archival photo “Khom Chat Lyk”.

The truck stopped for check of documents and cargo at a police checkpoint in the Northern province of Phitsanulok on the road leading to the capital city of Thailand the city of Bangkok. The car rammed the fence of the checkpoint at high speed and continued movement. The behavior of the driver, the police concluded that the truck needs to be some prohibited goods, suspecting that this drug, as on the highway where the incident occurred, often transported in the center of the country of narcotic substance smuggling coming through the Northern border of Thailand.

One police car began chasing the truck, then in the race involved three police cars, summoned by radio. The chase continued at high speeds for 70 miles, the driver of the trailer truck maneuvers were performed, which tried to break away from his pursuers, off the highway for local roads, dodged, and once even touched the trailer one of the police cars, the newspaper reports. In the end, the truck was on the road, which ended in a deadlock, and had to stop.

When checking the body of the trailer, the police did not have any cargo and not found anything forbidden. Verification of documents also did not reveal violations. Only when the police started questioning 43-year-old driver and his wife with their minor daughter was in the cockpit with her husband, it turned out that the cause of the suspicious behavior of the driver began to quarrel with his wife, erupted shortly before the truck approached the checkpoint. In a rage the driver later noticed the checkpoint and, yielding to the mood, I rammed him. When I went after him, the police, the fight was still going on. The driver, fearing punishment for ramming the checkpoint, decided not to stay.

The driver was arrested for dangerous driving, said the newspaper. He faces a fine and payment of compensation for damage to his trailer police car.