The sentence Yekaterinburg “pokemon catcher” will announce on 11 may

*** He was shocked by the time, asked him for the prosecution

Ekaterinburg. April 28. INTERFAX – Blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky, who played in the temple game “Pockemon Go” in Verkh-Isetsky district court of Yekaterinburg on Friday after debate of the parties has acted with last word.

“Honestly, I’m pretty shock that the prosecution asked for me three and a half years in a General regime colony,” said R. Sokolowski.

He stressed that his crime was “absolutely nonviolent,” he does not consider himself an extremist, guilt does not recognize.

The blogger said that he studies, works, his salary would have sufficed for payment of the fine, and the help of the mother, which is his dependent, and after three and a half years, he may just lose. “I hope any loyal decision”, – the blogger added.

After his speech the judge said that is removed to the consultative room till 11 may.

Lawyer Alex R. Sokolowski Bashmakov told reporters that a conditional sentence can be considered exculpatory. “In Russian courts, a suspended sentence is an acquittal, the other is extremely rare,” – said A. Bashmakov, answering the question, what hope does the protection of acquittal R. Sokolowski.

Blogger, in turn, has shared plans for the future. “That’s what I will do is to work in the field of transport innovation in the position of an IT consultant” – he said to journalists. In response to the question whether they will continue to remove videos that R. Sokolowski replied: “(then – “if”) will immediately be put”.

As reported, the public prosecution in the debate asked for R. Sokolowski, the sentence of three and a half years in a General regime colony. Protection blogger was asked to justify it.

R. Sokolowski in the summer of 2016 has posted a video on the Internet about how he caught the pokemon in the Ekaterinburg Temple on Blood, erected on the site of Ipatiev house, in the basement of which was shot Emperor Nicholas II with the family. This video caused a public outcry.

According to the investigation, all the blogger from may 2013 to September 2016 posted on YouTube nine videos, which, according to the examinations contain signs of incitement of hatred or enmity. Some of these experts also evaluated as actions that offend the feelings of believers. In addition, in the apartment of blogger found the “spy” pen.

R. Sokolowski is charged with nine episodes under article 282 of the criminal code (incitement of hatred or enmity, and humiliation of human dignity), seven – under article 148 of the criminal code (violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion), as well as one episode in the article 138.1 of the criminal code (trafficking of special technical means intended for secret obtaining of information). He is under house arrest.

Verkh-Isetskiy district court of Ekaterinburg has started consideration of the case on March 13.

“Pokemon Go” – mobile game with elements of augmented reality. The aim of the game is to find and train pokemon (the characters of the popular Japanese computer games and comics) in the real world, to then participate in battles with other pokemon players.