It turned out the real name of cattle, sent in a deep knockout, the Russian intelligence ship Liman

As reported by the Turkish coast guard, military ships of Russia’s black sea fleet rammed the ship-cattle malogolowkin with the name “Yozarsif-H”.

was “Josesito”. The ship collided with the Russian
intelligence ship “Liman”of the black sea
fleet, was, it is called “Yozarsif-H”,
reports “Dialog UA”.

Russia for some unknown reason, first gave the name “offender” of “Estuary”
– “Ashot-7”.
That’s what the ship was called the majority of Russian media. But in the registers of such
the ship could not be found, and later it became known his real name.

the coast guard reported: Russian military ship “Liman”
rammed ship-cattle “Yozarsif-H”.

the ship built in 1977 in Hamburg and many times changed owners and names.
It is now assigned to the port of lomé (Togolese Republic) and working on
Lebanese stopsmiling company Hammami Livestock.

the cattle “Yozarsif-H” as a result of collision with Russian
warship visible damage has not received.

We will remind, today,
April 27 off the coast of Turkey, 40 km from the Bosphorus Strait clash
of the vessel-cattle and Russian intelligence ship
the last was holed and sank.

carrying cattle to the Russian side for some reason called “Ashot-7”.
It’s got more of a reason for jokes in the social networks.