“For me, he’s not even Roma, and not just a poser. And really, the worst incarnation pripojeni grandmother”. the Lens went through tough sniper Beric

Michael Polynkov, aka the Lens, a former militant “DNR”, and now — blogger, wrote on his page in the social network post about the Serbian sniper Dejan Beric and the called him “Yeller”.

Polynkov admitted that the war in the Donbass, he lost two friends from Serbia. And if one Serb is eliminated in battle, the soldiers of the APU, the second died during the life — Dejan Beric, according to “Диалог.UA”.

Further action Polynkov went through tough Serbian sniper, calling his grandmother to the marketplace, which is admired exclusively middle-aged women and pimply youths. “I will try to erase even the memory of that mouthy C*ku” – wrote in the end of the post Polynkov.

Earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that snayperski duel in the area bakhmutskaya track fighter APU eliminated the Russians Sharifullina. Serbski sniper Beric talked about the fact that his “comrades” betrayed Girkin.