Threats to the DPRK, Japan and South Korea – this is no joke, but the US is ready to destroy the nuclear program of North Korea and harsh military measures to quell Kim Jong-UN, is Tillerson

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that the threat of Pyongyang, South Korea and Japan already became real, so the States are ready to destroy North Korean nuclear program and to take strict military action against the regime of Kim Jong-UN.

About it reports “RBC-Ukraine”
with reference to CNN.

Tillerson noted that with each new
the nuclear test of North Korea the situation in North-East Asia and around the
the world is becoming increasingly unstable, while the threat of the DPRK, Japan and South
Korea is already quite real. Moreover, if the situation continues, it
soon Pyongyang will have such capabilities, which
let the regime of Kim Jong-UN to strike at Washington.

The Secretary of state called on all international
the community has a tremendous influence on North Korea, to impose sanctions against
state and to stop North Korea diplomatic relations.

He also stressed that the US is ready
to use military force against the DPRK in case if the situation is still
reaches its climax of danger.

By the way, before trump said sharply,
The US is likely to expect military
conflict with the DPRK.