This will finally finish off the Russian economy, the media announced the signing of a trump major decrees in the energy sector, the consequences for the Russian Federation – catastrophic

Donald trump has signed a decree that abolished the ban on the production of oil and gas in several offshore fields off the coast of the United States.

Reuters writes that many experts have said that Russia expected
a big problem, as ukazprezidenta the United States not only significantly change
the situation on the world oil market, but will affect the pricing that most
negative impact on the Russian economy, reports “Dialog. UA”.

Commenting on his decision, trump said so
released energy of the United States, and many Americans will get the opportunity to work in
energy sector States.

“We are not talking about one thousand jobs,” –
added Donald trump.

Thanks to a decree by trump, now will have access to
offshore drilling sites in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Mexican
the Gulf and the Arctic, which will significantly increase U.S. oil production is at the moment
when the energy consumption the us economy is approaching to
low level over the past few years, which creates opportunities for

Experts are predicting difficult times for the Russian economy,
because in light of falling oil prices on the world market, the consequences of the decree
Trump will most adversely affect the economy in “superpower.”

Earlier, the Russian blogger and expert Golyshev has told how
can pass the upcoming meeting of Putin and trump’s planned for the month of may.Golyshev thinks that the conversation between the two presidents will go to the key of ultimatums.