Naryshkin: the middle East has become hostage to geopolitical games of the West

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. The Middle East region has become the hostage of the geopolitical games of the West, said during the VI Moscow international conference on security Director of the foreign intelligence Service, a permanent member of the security Council of the Russian Federation Sergey Naryshkin.

“Desire under various pretexts to impose its will not lead to anything but further chaos in the system. This is the reason many, if not all international crises. This is especially the example of the Middle East and Africa. The region has never been stable, however recently he has become a hostage to someone else’s geopolitical games. The reckless attempts of the West to redraw at its own curves with specific characteristics Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Iran has not led to anything but the waves of chaos and violence,” he said.