“The minimum number of dead soldiers of the armed forces – 1,5 thousand”, – the mothers ‘ Union of Russia said the Kremlin and then sends its army to kill Ukrainians

The minimum number of Russian military killed on the territory of Donbass, is fifteen hundred.

This information was told by the leader of the Union of committees of soldiers ‘ mothers of Russia Valentina Melnikova, transfers the edition “Диалог.UA” referring to the “Ukraïnsku the truth.”

“All employees in our organization it is known that Russian citizens who died in Ukraine, quite a lot – 1.5 thousand. This is the smallest amount. We also know that in Ukraine, the Kremlin continues to send its soldiers,”–said Melnikov.

“The numbers we don’t really care about. The death of one man is bad enough. Accurate data on the number of deaths in the war of Russians in Ukraine. Since our existence is already the 6th on account of the war. And never detailed and accurate information on the deaths, we did not. All we can do, just give a rating. And means to ascertain the number of dead does not exist now,” – said Melnikov.

“The whole story will begin when the war is over, when the survivors begin to demand compensation, and family assistance. Then it will be clear what and how”, she concluded.

We will remind, the day before “Диалог.UA” reported that the”Russian world” prepares revenge in Ukraine, namely in Odessa.

In addition, the Kremlin cynically denies chocolaty RF kill fighters ATO in the Donbas.