On the servers of the headquarters of Macron held about 160 attacks in which suspected Russia – media

About 160 of hacking was committed on the resources of the campaigns of the leading presidential candidate of France Emmanuel Makron.

Experts who have studied the cyber-attacks on Internet resources of the headquarters of Macron, has found a link between the burglars and the Main intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation. This is with reference to Associated Press reports “Диалог.UA”.

According to the head of the relevant Department at the headquarters of Macron Munira Maubi, a large portion of hacker attacks occurred in the end of the last, 2016, year. He noted that it is of great value to headquarters but nothing incriminating in the attacks did not happen.

Employees of the antivirus company Trend Micro of Japan conducted an investigation related to the attacks on the resources of the headquarters of Macron. They found that were created a fake website that is collecting passwords of people working for a presidential candidate. Responsible for the attack called hackers from the group Pawn Storm (“Pawn Storm”), which is suspected of having links with the Gur of the Russian Federation.

Note that the officials had no immediate comment on the incident and does not name the suspects in the attacks.

We will remind,Emmanuel macron became a leader of the presidential race, beating her rival marine Le Pen for a few percent.The presidential candidate already told how to build relations with the Kremlin in case of a victory on elections.