“A knife in the back” from Poland: the party of the American gas already on the way to Warsaw – the European Commission will take the complaint to “Gazprom”

The Russian gas monopoly “Gazprom” did not begin hard times: European consumers gradually abandon contracts, switching attention to the American gas. One of the first countries in Eastern Europe, which signed a contract with US for the supply of liquefied natural gas, became Poland.

The gas tanker will be delivered in the first half of June.

This was announced by adviser to the President on international Affairs Krzysztof Mersky, reports “Диалог.UA”. According to the politician, one-time contract for the cooperation in the fuel sector was signed in the framework of diversification of energy sources.

It is known that the Polish tanker terminal are expected to take in the first half of June.

At the same time, Polish oil and gas state company PGNiG has accused “Gazprom” in violation of EU antitrust law and sent a complaint to the European Commission.

The claims of Poland are unfair pricing policy in respect of PGNiG – the Kremlin’s well-established pattern, going to the contract to tie the poles at the hands and feet.

The EC is conducting an investigation against “Gazprom” 4.5 years. A year ago, the Russian monopoly has received a statement of objections in this case.

Earlier it became known that before the end of 2017 uroczystego gas abandoned Georgia. Meanwhile in Turkey started seismic exploration of oil and gas fields on the shelf of the Mediterranean sea.