Russian economy Minister Oreshkin predicts a sharp collapse “wood”: “Buy the dollar, the ruble will continue to weaken!”

Direct subordinate of Putin warns that the national currency will only fall. But at the same time tries to console his countrymen the fact that the Russian economy will grow faster than planned, and the standard of living of the population – to grow.

The Head Of The Ministry
economic development of the Russian Federation Maxim Oreshkin believes that the current
time “is very beneficial from the point of view of purchase of currency” a population, according to
“Dialogue UA”.

According to
Minister, even assuming stable oil prices, the Russian rouble depreciated
at least 14% in the short term, and by the end of the year – 18%.

dollar if the current oil prices could rise in the near future
to 63-64 rubles, and at the end of the year, 68 rubles,” – said the Russian
the official, who not so long ago reassigned President Putin.

Oreshkin also
said that the ruble will continue to weaken, and after the presidential
elections in 2018 will reach the price of 70 rubles per 1 US dollar.

“According to
the updated forecast of the Ministry, the average rate in 2018 will account for 69.9 per
rubles per dollar, in 2019 – 71.2 ruble, and in 2020-m – 72.7 ruble,” – said

“From the point
of view of oil prices, the underlying assumption – the decline in oil prices this year to
$ 40 per barrel, and saves them to a level of $ 40 in real
the expression in the future. But in the baseline scenario, the MAYOR does not expect that the agreement
production cuts, concluded by Russia and the OPEC countries will be extended to
the second half of the year,” – said Oreshkin.

so pessimistic forecasts indicators, as well as the future fall in oil and
rouble, the Minister somehow convinced that Russia’s economy will develop
faster than planned, and the standard of living of the population “will grow”.

Minister Putin admitted that now the Russian economy is not growing at all.

from April 4, transferred to the direct subordination of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

As previously
it was reported that Russia once again
risk short large sums in its budget, as the oil market
resumed its sharp decline against the background of growth of production of “black
gold” in the United States.