In Venezuela there was a massive famine and killing for food: police fires at protesters, the number of victims is growing with each passing hour

Economic, monetary and food crisis in Venezuela continues to grow, and the situation in the country rapidly deteriorate.

According to foreign media
President Nicolas Maduro is losing control over Venezuela, reports “Диалог.UA” with reference to the BBC.

The population of the country goes on
mass protests for the third week. Demonstrations and riots swept not
only the major cities of Venezuela, such as Caracas, Murid and Barinas, and
spread to small towns.

The number of victims of mass
protests is growing rapidly. Monday, April 24, police shot
shot the raging crowd, increasing the number of victims of the protests to 23
man, the BBC reports.

Last Friday, driven by hunger to despair, a few people tried to break into the warehouse
bread, protected by a fence under high voltage. From blow
current 11 people died.

The reasons for the protests
Venezuela became an economic disaster in the country and the actual usurpation
of power in the country by President Nicolas Maduro, which the Supreme court allowed
bypassing the National Assembly.

The opposition called on the population
take to the streets to protest, and in response to her actions on 17 April 2017
year, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro brought to the streets an army to
the suppression of the protest movement and to protect its power.

Despite higher prices for
oil, the economic situation in the country is critical. Inflation in six months
exceeded 260% due to the increase in issued money supply and the dollar
rose to a record high and amounted to 4911,62 Bolivar per dollar.

The country’s currency reserves melt
in the eyes of external debt payments and purchases of food abroad after
the complete collapse of its production during the construction of the “socialist
Paradise” in the country.

As previously reported”Диалог.UA”,
the President of Venezuela is guided in the governance of the country and the crackdown on protesters
the Kremlin’s methods, using tear gas against protesters and weapons.