In Ukraine, told how vegetable soup has risen due to the weather

KIEV, April 25 — RIA Novosti. Vegetables of borsch set in the Ukraine in April went up by 38% compared to prices at the end of March, told RIA Novosti the Ukrainian agrarian Confederation.

The Confederation noted that the most rapid rise in prices is observed in the second decade of April.

“During this period rose sprouts — 63.8% to 6.65 hryvnia (about $ 0.25) per kilogram. Carrots rose by 49.1% to 6.77 hryvnia (about $ 0.25) per kilogram, onion — 46.3% to 5.28 hryvnia (about 0.2 USD) per kilogram, beet — by 25.6% to 5.25 hryvnias (about 0.2 USD) per kilogram, potatoes — by 6.9% to 6.8 hryvnia (about $ 0.25) per kilogram,” — said in the organization.

The Confederation attribute this rapid increase in prices of seasonal reductions in food supply and difficulties of delivery in connection with observed in the last week in Ukraine, bad weather.