Assad’s military in panic: Israel opens up the southern front and helping Syrian rebels

The representative of the Syrian government army, told about how his political leadership had badly with the Israeli neighbors.

The commander of the southern district of the so-called “militia of Bashar
Assad” (National forces for the defense of the homeland) Madzhet Hamud complained
Iranian reporters that the IDF (Israel defense forces) this is the third day
in a row attacking the positions of asadity in the southern part of the Syrian-Israeli border, reports
“Russian Conversation”.

According to the Syrian military that protects the interests of
have lost the legitimacy of the dictator, Israeli troops strike on their positions
massive rocket and artillery attacks, using combat drones.

Hamud added that tel Aviv so having
support for Syrian rebels fighting against the dictator Assad and his allies:
Russia, Iran and Lebanese Hizbullah terrorists.

We will remind, last week the Israeli military drones
the army destroyed
artillery by Syrian government forces.

It was a response to the shelling of the territory of the promised Land with
side asaditov.

As previously mentioned correspondents “Диалог.UA” the Pentagon
made a statement in which he accused the Syrian government of the possession
chemical weapons.