Lavrov discusses with the Aga Khan international issues, including Afghanistan

Moscow. April 20. INTERFAX – Moscow appreciate the dialogue with the spiritual leader of the Ismaili-nizari Prince Karim Aga Khan IV and expect to discuss including issues of Afghanistan, said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“We appreciate the evaluation that we present not only on the Afghan problem, but also on other issues of the day, we penetrating glance of an experienced person is very important,” he said at a meeting with the Prince.

“We see that you are driven not only by the desire to ensure the interests of the Ismailis, wherever they lived, but also the desire to help the solution is quite dangerous problems, which in the international situation accumulate the last ten years”, – said S. Lavrov.

“Look forward to a useful conversation,” – said the Russian Minister.

In turn, the Prince Karim Aga Khan IV has emphasized the importance of cooperation with Russia for the situation in Central Asia.

“Our cooperation is extremely important not only for my community but for the whole Central Asia. Right now we are creating joint institutions that will be essential for occurring in Central Asia”, – said Karim Aga Khan IV.

Ismailis-nizari are Ismaili branch of the Shia Muslims. Their representatives live in India, Syria, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Oman and Zanzibar. Now the community numbers 15 million people.