“Grabbed a rebound APU”: it became known about the large losses of fighters “DNR” on yasinovatskiy checkpoint

April 20 at around 21:30 in the neurosurgical Department of the hospital named after Kalinin from yasinovatskiy checkpoint brought two badly wounded in the head of the mercenaries of “DNR”. One of them died last night.

The doctor and blogger Alexander Chernov on his page in Facebook
reported lethal “answer” APU fighters on the positions of occupants in the area
Donetsk, reports “Диалог.UA”
with reference to “USN-1492News”.

According to him, the regional trauma center for
the day brought seven wounded militants, one of them died in the emergency Department
two were on the verge of life and death at 05:00.

The injured told the doctors that since the second half of the day
received “response” from fighters ATO in the area yasinovatskiy checkpoint – the airport.

It should be noted that data on number of victims of the occupiers
carefully hidden, but local italymagazine photo of the cemetery in Mospino
rapidly enlarged for the last time. Meanwhile Alexander
Khodakovsky admitted that every day,“army DNR” losing about 50 men killed.