Korea, frightened by the world of fake missiles – media have accused Pyongyang of cheating

Foreign journalists who visited the military parade in Pyongyang, suggested that the missiles shown at the event, fake.

Some of the missiles shown in the parade, can be empty or a fake. This opinion was expressed by the journalists of ABC reports “Диалог.UA”.

A military parade took place in Pyongyang on Saturday, April 16. Eyewitnesses said that several missiles were swaying in the wind, others were slightly curved. Footage from the parade of lightning spread around the Internet.

Foreign journalists believe that Pyongyang is trying to intimidate the world, by showing a fake military equipment. The opinion of journalists agree the North Korean military expert Li Il HEU, which expressed the suspicion that fake weapons North Korea is trying to impress other countries.

Journalists AVS did published a picture of one of the warheads, and noted that, in all probability, it is made of wood or painted cardboard.

Earlier, we wrote that on Saturday a military pardesipura Korea showed the latest missiles for submarines.

In the United States promise to launch a nuclear strike on North Korea if the need arises.