“Trump began preparing for the attack on North Korea seriously – to North Korea is just beginning,” Arrow

The United States tried to swoop to force Pyongyang to act according to their script, but in the DPRK began to resist, the plan failed. But the concentration of troops and fleets continues: Donald trump began to prepare for the attack seriously.

The founding father of “DNR” Igor Strelkov is sure that the conflict
North Korea and the United States is at an early stage. Despite the alleged failure
attempts by trump to upset Kim Jong-UN, the White house does not submit positions
concentrating military forces near North Korea, writes, “Диалог.UA”.

“Three aircraft carrier groups – it will be a serious plus
enhanced missile defense in South Korea, and there is a contraction of aviation bases in Japan,”
writes Strelkov-Girkin in the social network.

Indirect evidence of preparation for war may serve
emergency transfer of Russian land forces in the border area with North Korea.

“I believe that the war will still come. Guarantee nobody will give
… but such a scenario seems to me highly probable,” said Girkin.

Raniere said that will change the style of communication with Pyongyang
but hopes that the conflict will be resolved peacefully. Meanwhile, Kim Jong
UN showed caxiuana Korea defeated the United States.