Tillerson during his visit to Russia gave Putin a secret plan to trump on Syria: we learned about the three main points

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, during a recent visit to the Russian capital last week offered to Russian President Putin plan the head of the USA Donald trump decision of the military conflict in Syria.

It is reported by a reputable news Agency
Associated Press with reference to own sources in the administration
the American President.

Reporters noted that before the end of the US plan have not
decorated, however, Tillerson has acquainted Putin with the contours of the main document.

It outlines three main points, with one of
them is absolutely unacceptable for Russia on the part of Assad:

Journalists report that the American side
suggests a potential agreement to oust the dictator from power and
his subsequent deportation to Iran or Russia.

Interestingly, Putin’s representative Dmitry Peskov
officially denied receiving the head of the Kremlin said plan, stating that “information
not true.”

Recall renevation struck the airbase Assad, it provoked an aggressive Russian reaction.