The Kremlin’s pop Kirill Gundyaev complains non-Orthodox Italians on the Orthodox Ukrainians: “They have taken the temples, call the aggressors”

However, the Russian media disseminated the complaint message does not show he mentioned the photo.

simpatico President Putin Vladimir gundyayev, alias Cyril and
working on the post of Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia met with
Italian President Sergio Mattarella, at which he complained of the Ukraine and
supposedly even shared the photos of violence against the faithful of the Ukrainian
Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), reports “USN-1492”.

Church (branch of the Russian Orthodox Church, called the UOC – ed.) called the Church the aggressor,
require to break off relations with the Moscow Patriarchate, accused of
of being unpatriotic. But those who by force thrown out of the wards, remain in our
canonical jurisdiction, often build a new temple instead of captured. But there is
when the new Church was captured,” the lead singer of the Archbishop.

At the same
time Russian media disseminated the complaint message did not show
he mentioned the photo. As a result, it is unclear, indeed they have in nature,
or is it Moscow’s main pop, as they say, “you done lied”.

The Church is oppressed, trying to deny civil rights, trying to pass laws
which exclude the normal registration of the Orthodox parishes in Ukraine,
there is a power seizure of the temples. When you see militant group in
camouflage power knock people of the temples – it’s impressive,” he complained
Cyril at the annual Easter reception at the foreign Ministry, after returning from Italy.

the meeting of the main Moscow priest with the head of Italy it has been several
days. And photos “privatnih groups in camouflage”, which power
kick people out of churches until now, the public is not demonstrated.

We will remind, Vladimir Gundyaev, popularly known as “the tobacco Patriarch” criticized “likes” in social networks.

As previously reported, in late January of 2017 in St. Petersburg, tens of thousands of activists came out to protest against the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church.