The Communist party took the bill on the reburial of Lenin as an information attack on the party

The mausoleum is a crypt, and Lenin is buried, according to the Secretary of the Communist party butts

Moscow. April 20. INTERFAX – Another project on the burial of Lenin’s body – a response to criticism of the government, which sounded from the Communist party in recent time, said the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party Sergei Obukhov.

“We consider this an information attack as a response to criticism of the government, which sounded from the Communist party”, – said S. Obukhov, “Interfax” on Thursday.

He noted that just today in various media a number of notable publications, one way or another related to the Communist party, including messages about the prepared draft law on the burial of Lenin. At the same time S. Obukhov said that the theme of the mausoleum and burial is rising with surprising regularity.

“The question is not about the reburial, we are talking about the status of the burial. Political struggle is going on, this mixed with all sorts of arguments”, – said the politician.

In addition, Sergei Obukhov said that recently he “had discussions with representatives of religious organizations on this issue, all agreed that any fundamental objection in this respect, no.”

Besides, he added, “there is a law about burial, the third article says that burial in the ground is the grave or tomb”. “The mausoleum is a crypt. All other arguments – from the evil one”, – said S. Obukhov.

In the state Duma on Thursday introduced a bill according to which the proposed legal mechanism for the burial of the remains of Lenin, have informed “Interfax” one of the initiators of the draft law, Vladimir Sysoev (LDPR).