One of those arrested in Marseille on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack was a Muslim convert

Brussels. April 19. INTERFAX – According to the Paris Prosecutor’s office, one of those arrested on Tuesday in Marseille, suspected of preparing a terrorist attack during the presidential elections – clément Boron – had connections with the Belgian radical Islamists.

As reported by the Prosecutor of Paris Francois Molins, quoted by the Brussels newspaper “SUAR” suspect “was in connection with the Belgian jihadist movement.” The young man accepted Islam as a result of contacts with the Chechen community in 2007, he intended to go to Syria.

In addition, according to the Prosecutor, “in Marseilles, the apartment was found three kilograms of explosives, and a bag of bolts, weapons, ISIS flag (banned in Russia – Interfax)”.

As reported with reference to the head of the French interior Ministry Matthias Thekla, earlier Tuesday in Marseille was arrested two radical citizens of France 29 and 23 years old.