Kolasinac has not concluded a contract with Arsenal

Left Schalke defender SEAD Kolasinac has not signed any agreement with Arsenal, about that Bosnian channel TV N1 Sarajevo said the father of the player.

Bosnian football player becomes a free agent at the end of the season. In this regard, increased speculation that Arsenal are supposedly close to an agreement with the player. As it turned out, this is not true.

Father Kolasinac stated that the player had not signed any papers. According to the father, his son prefers Milan, but the final decision of the player will be known next week.

Earlier, the Bosnian media reported that Kolasinac href=”http://football.ua/england/332563-kolashinac-zakljuchil-kontrakt-s-arsenalom-bosnijjskie-smi.html”.