Donetsk and the whole Donbass expects the terrible “meat grinder” – Khodakovsky spoke about the cynical plan of military expansion of the occupants

The occupants of the “DNR” will not win over the residents of Kiev-controlled Donbas territories of high social standards and the rapid development of the economy, and will apply the method of military expansion.

Such statement was made by one of the leaders of the “Republic,” Alexander Khodakovsky, reports “Диалог.UA”. While once again thinking about war and peace, the terrorist recognized that to expand the boundaries of the Russian enclave mercenaries are violent attacks without regard to the wishes of the local population.

“We are not the temptations of cultural and economic superiority are going to lure to his site, and method of military expansion… In this case my dear-no-dear, I don’t feel already worried there will be no one can endure – slyubitsya….. “- wrote the film.

According to him, all the rest of the occupants does not matter. As for “calm”, he wrote that the occupied territories for three years live in the state of war that soon you can experience and their nearest neighbours.

“The main thing for those of us not expecting, not much fight,” – wrote the film.

Earlier, the disgraced leader of “DNR”told about the loss of his men in the battles with the APU – among the dead bulblike associate of the Film. Meanwhile, the army of the “DNR”daily loses at least 50 people were killed.