Putin revealed the number of its troops in Syria: as Easter cakes betrayed the secret of the Kremlin

Russian politician, economist, and public figure Vladimir Milov remarked “puncture” the Russian propagandists, accidentally declassified data on the number of Russian “atamatov”, who are now in Syria.

On the page in Facebook policy published an unusual way of counting. He suggested
not to play the spy, and take open data and understand how many
war in the middle East question, writes “Диалог.UA”.

“Some of Kadyrov’s men, they are obviously cakes did not give”.

“This is a classic intelligence: want to know the number
enemy – bring the kitchen … ” – comment on his statement users.

By the way, Russian media reported that three thousand cakes in
Syria will receive not only the military on the basis of “Hamim”, but under “tasks
on the road”.

Certainly, Easter cakes did not receive immigrants from the Caucasus

Political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky noticed, toprogress Vladimir Putin in Syria would mean the end of his era in Russia. Director
The Kiev center for political and conflict studies Mikhail Pogrebinsky
said torossi will not be able to shoot down American planes in the middle East
the region due to problems with availability of equipment and missiles.