American clairvoyant named inception of the Third world war: “Russia will plunge the whole world into chaos”

Psychic from Texas Horacio Villegas said that he knows exactly when will start the Third world war.

According to him, this is supposed to happen on 13 may this year. The word clairvoyant was quoted by the British newspaper Daily Star. Villegas considers himself a true Catholic and says that he has prophetic dreams, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Recently, he dreamed that the earth fall from the sky fireballs. People in panic were running everywhere, trying to hide from destruction. The clairvoyant decided that it clearly indicates the beginning of the Third world. According to him, fireballs symbolize the nuclear missiles.

Villegas believes that the war will start on may 13 because on this day Catholics celebrate 100 years since the day of the last apparition in the Portuguese Fatima. He added that on this day in 1917, in accordance with the Catholic faith, virgin Mary visited the village in Portugal. She wanted to warn people that if you do not return Russia to faith in God, throughout the world sow chaos.

Clairvoyant also called the date of the end of the war, which, in his opinion, will end on 13 October 2017. But to this date, many will not survive.

Among the countries that will participate in the war, a clairvoyant called Russia, USA, Syria and North Korea.

To convince the world of the truthfulness of his words, Villegas reminded that he predicted the election victory of Donald trump.

Recall reneerenee experts have announced that in 2017 could start the Third world war, and billigteil NATO devoted to the theme of the whole book.